21 July, 2023


What is POS? What is the history of formation? Today, we invite you to learn about this interesting information with Vregi Lite!

According to Wikipedia, POS stands for Point of Sale, which is a sales support system widely used in the restaurant, hotel and retail industries.

Since the early 90s, store owners have been using cash registers to make trading easier. So, when did the POS system appear?

1.Origin of POS

Appeared in the early 20th century and developed rapidly in the following years.

A POS (Point of sale) system is a combination of hardware and software that is often installed by restaurant owners at the checkout counters to replace the traditional recording method that has gradually become obsolete.

Why does the traditional method of recording need to be replaced?

Simply because the traditional method of taking notes by paper and pen is time consuming but inaccurate and creates many gaps in the management process, making it extremely difficult to manage businesses. with restaurant owners and investors.

From POS machines just for simple billing. Up to a POS system that can manage and optimize daily sales processes. With the ability to manage inventory and materials, it even helps to dig deep into marketing and customer insights. The POS system or “sales management software” as we often call it today has created a long history of its own and occupies an indispensable place for the development of major brands in the world. F&B industry.

2.Typical timelines in the development of POS systems:

1879: The first POS machine, the first registered cash register

1970s: IBM introduces the electronic cash register (ECR), the first electronic cash register system used by restaurants

1972: Thermal printer is developed

1975: IBM invents the first desktop computer

1986: Gene mosher pioneered the use of vending machines with colorful interfaces and touch screens

1991: The internet was born

1992: The first Microsoft Window (POS) system appeared

2000: Tablet PC introduced by Microsoft and created by Lenovo

2002: The first cloud vending machine is introduced in the UK

2012: the point-of-sale (POS) system on tablets was born

2016: 73% of restaurants apply sales management software technology to their stores

3.Popular growth of POS system around the world

The application of modern technology to service stores has brought a new step in the service experience in restaurants around the world.

In addition to ensuring the quality of delicious food, restaurant owners also focus on developing the quality of service in their stores.

They care more about the customer experience and the sales management software system is a solid support, a foundation to build a more professional and successful environment. With Vregi Lite – Japanese quality sales management software, Vietnamese prices, restaurant owners are completely assured and confident about sales management as well as technology resource optimization.

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