25 July, 2023


POS machines are now extremely popular with many types and features on the market. Along with that, the software used for POS machines is equally diverse. Let’s see with Vregi Lite for tips on choosing POS software to be effective and suitable for your restaurant’s needs!

1. What functionality in POS software do you really need?

There are many different types of POS software available nowadays, and they offer a very wide range of features.
However, not all restaurants use all of these features, and only some of the major functions such as ordering food, viewing reports, reserving tables, and calculating payment are used. Some of these functions are used only by customers of large restaurants or large chains.

Therefore, by considering which new features are suited to your restaurant, you can efficiently select the most suitable POS software for your restaurant and save costs.

2. Is the POS software easy to use?

Successful restaurants need to deliver quality products at the right pace. Imagine, on a busy weekend, a slow or unresponsive POS system, causing delays and frustrating customers!

When looking for a sales management software solution, ask the vendor (and if possible, ask current users of the software):

– It must be as simple as possible and easy to use and view for each employee.

– Does it work on mobile phones, tablets, or other devices?

If there are guest rooms on the second and third floors, order and settle your bill using a mobile tablet or other device.

It is inefficient to go up and down stairs, take wrong orders, and make corrections at the POS on the first floor.

3.Would POS software security be secure?

The security of restaurant software is critical and must be taken care of.

Some customers purchase software of unknown origin or company, or purchase software with low security strength, which also poses a significant risk to the restaurant’s operations and reputation.

Vregi Lite is a simple, easy-to-use software that is popular among Japanese restaurants that demand high functionality as well as convenience.

By offering Japanese quality software at Vietnamese market prices, Vregi Lite gives restaurant owners peace of mind knowing they have a very high level of security at an easy-to-use and reasonable price.

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