14 July, 2023

Top 6 most typical Japanese dishes

In Japanese culinary culture, people attach great importance to the aesthetics, taste and nutrition of the food. Therefore, Japan is honored to be one of the countries with the most unique and special dishes in the world. Join Vregi Lite to learn the most famous and typical dishes of Japan’s Cherry Blossom Country:

1. Sushi

Rice is an indispensable part of Vietnamese meals, as are Japanese, Sushi is a combination of seaweed, rice and seafood. The rice is rolled into small pieces, covered with seafood and wasabi. In addition, the outside is covered with seaweed and cut into mouth-watering pieces, called seaweed rolls.

2. Sashimi

The original form of sashimi is said to have begun in the Kamakura period (1185-1333). Originally, it was an impromptu dish for fishermen who cut fish into thin slices and ate them raw. Sushi was eaten as namasu or with wasabi vinegar or ginger vinegar. Vinegar was used to make the fish last longer.

3. Shabu Shabu hotpot

Shabu-shabu nabe is a representative of Japanese food culture, not only for its rich flavor, but also for its unique way of enjoying it. In particular, shabu-shabu nabe is made by slicing thin slices of high-grade wagyu beef and dipping the meat several times in broth, which sounds like “shabu-shabu” as if it is swimming.

It is best eaten with vegetables and udon noodles.

4. Tempura

Tempura gives diners a new taste, crispy on the outside but soft and sweet on the inside. The main ingredients are seasonal shrimp or fish, or washed vegetables. Then cover in a mixture of eggs, water and flour to let that layer of dough adhere evenly to the body and deep-fry in a pan of hot oil until the dough turns golden brown, served with Tenpura sauce or salt.

5. Eel rice

This is a Japanese favorite dish. It is also the choice of most tourists when traveling to Japan. Eel is cleaned, boneless, marinated with spices, then grilled. Each grain of white rice, combined with the fat of the eel. It will create an unforgettable dish. Combined with fresh seaweed soup or eel-liver soup, it’s a perfection.

6. Udon Noodles

If Pho is honored as a classic dish of Vietnamese cuisine, in Japan, Udon noodles are equally attractive. Udon noodles were discovered by monk Kukai while traveling in China in the 9th century. He brought this dish back to Japan and introduced people to Udon noodles.

Above are 6 typical dishes in Japanese culinary culture that you should not miss. Vregi Lite hopes that you will have interesting experiences with the exquisite and attractive cuisine of Japan.

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